Monday, July 24, 2006

Hosepipe Ban

THE HOSEPIPE BAN – information from Southern Water

The full hosepipe ban does not apply to allotments but, for the sake of good relations with the general public and of the environment as a whole, TDA Association asks that you do not leave hosepipes running unattended. Spraying systems are very wasteful, as only a fraction of the water reaches the plants’ roots.

To make the best use of water

· install water butts for collection of rain water if you have a shed.

· use mulch and compost to retain moisture in the soil.

Good watering practice includes

· using a hosepipe to fill up tanks or barrels around your allotment and then watering by hand from these.

Giving plants a good soak, e.g. half a can per plant in the early evening once a week, will produce far healthier plants than a quick splash of water several times a week. A quick splash just encourages shallow root growth and makes plants more vulnerable to hot sun and prolonged drought. If you have never checked your watering before, after the water has soaked in, scratch the soil back to see how far it has penetrated the dry earth; this will convince you that an occasional good soak is better than frequent splashes!

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